The Top 3 Fountain Pens for Travelers: Ultimate On-The-Go Writing

traveling with fountain pens

SUMMARY: Between the Lamy Safari and the Kaweco Sport, I find them both ideal for travel due to their lightweight, compact design, and affordable price point that makes losing them less painful. Each offers unique benefits, but you’ll be well-equipped for writing during your adventures with either choice. Ever found yourself wishing for the perfect … Read more

Are Fountain Pens Hard to Use? A Guide for Beginners

are fountain pens hard to use

Have you ever felt like a quill-wielding wordsmith from the 18th century, penning a masterpiece on parchment paper??? Because that sounds totally annoying, right? #FountainPens 😎 So that’s the question. Fountain pens are a super fun hobby, but are fountain pens hard to use? While they may feel different than traditional pens, fountain pens are … Read more

How Long Does Ink Last in a Fountain Pen?

how long does ink last in a fountain pen

Ok, fountain pen nerds, let’s chat about ink. (and how much it costs and how long it lasts lol). So, how long does fountain pen ink last? The lifespan of ink can vary based on the type of ink, how frequently you use your pen, and how you store your pen. However, as a general … Read more

Are Fountain Pens Good for School?

are fountain pens good for school

Writing instruments play a crucial role in a student’s life, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in their academic and creative endeavors. (This assumes you actually take notes of course, lol). 🤣 And if you’re looking to up your notes game, fountain pens are a super fun (and pretty) hobby! But … Read more

Are Fountain Pens Messy? (A Guide for Cleanliness)

Are Fountain Pens Messy

Are fountain pens messy? It’s a totally valid question, especially for fountain pen beginners! And the good news? Fountain pens aren’t that much messier than any other type of pen, especially once you’ve chosen the right pen and figured out how to properly use, re-fill, and clean it! And troubleshoot any issues, too. After my … Read more

Fountain Pen vs Calligraphy Pen (the Differences, Explained)

fountain pen vs calligraphy pen

Choosing the right pen can make all the difference when it comes to writing. Whether you’re taking notes in class, journaling, or just want to unwind by creating some ART… But choosing the wrong pen for the job can lead to frustration (and wasted money). So here’s the lowdown on fountain pens vs calligraphy pens: … Read more

Are Fountain Pens Good for Everyday Use? (Why and Why Not)

It’s true, fountain pens are awesome and have TONS of benefits… But are fountain pens good for every use? Yes, fountain pens can be your main writing utensil for work or play! However, you’ll want to make sure to choose a fountain pen that works for your specific needs (size, weight, materials, nib size, and … Read more

Flying with Lamy Safari (Fountain Pen): Is It Safe?

If you’re on this page, you’re probably a fountain pen nerd (like us!) worried about potential leaking while traveling. So is flying with a Lamy Safari safe? As long as you take a few easy precautions, you can fly with any fountain pen, including the Lamy Safari! Here are a few flying tips with the … Read more