Are Fountain Pens Good for School?

Writing instruments play a crucial role in a student’s life, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in their academic and creative endeavors.

(This assumes you actually take notes of course, lol). 🤣

And if you’re looking to up your notes game, fountain pens are a super fun (and pretty) hobby!

But are fountain pens good for school?

Fountain pens are an excellent choice for students of all kinds. Although there’s a very small learning curve for writing & cleaning fountain pens, it can lead to improved handwriting and even more focus. And it’s a fun hobby!

Fountain pens are a type of writing instrument that have been around for centuries, and they offer a unique writing experience that’s worth considering for school use.

Down below, we’ll look at the benefits of using fountain pens for students, and maybe explore who should NOT use fountain pens. 👇

Benefits of Using Fountain Pens for Students

Fountain pens offer several benefits that can enhance a student’s writing experience. Here are a few of the key advantages of using fountain pens for school:

Improved Handwriting

Fountain pens are often praised for their ability to improve handwriting, as the ink flow allows for smoother and more controlled writing compared to traditional ballpoint pens.

They also force you to write a tiny bit slower and with more intention! This is generally good for note-taking, I’ve found.

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Increased Focus and Engagement

Writing with a fountain pen can be a more engaging experience, as it requires a bit more attention and care than other types of writing instruments. This can result in increased focus and a deeper connection with the writing process.

Aesthetic Appeal

my daily driver pens!

Fountain pens come in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing students to choose one that suits their personal tastes. Writing with a fountain pen can make schoolwork feel more special and enjoyable.

Writing Comfort

Fountain pens are designed to be comfortable to hold and write with, reducing fatigue during long writing sessions. The smooth ink flow can also help prevent the hand from cramping.

What’s the best fountain pen for students?

There are a ton of different fountain pens on the market, and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry! There are a few key features to look for when choosing a fountain pen for school use:

Budget-friendlySchool supplies can add up quickly, so finding a budget-friendly fountain pen is important. Look for pens that are affordable and have a decent ink capacity.
DurabilityStudents are known for being rough on their school supplies, so choosing a durable fountain pen is crucial. Look for pens that are well-constructed and made from sturdy materials.
RefillableFountain pens are more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run if they’re refillable. This also means you don’t have to buy a whole new pen every time the ink runs out!
Writing comfortWriting for long periods of time can be tough on your hands, so it’s important to choose a fountain pen that’s comfortable to write with. Look for pens with a smooth grip and a balanced weight.
Ink colorWhether you prefer bold, bright inks or more muted colors, there’s a fountain pen ink color for everyone. Choose an ink that suits your style and personality, but that your teachers won’t complain about!

I recommend starting with one of the following pens:

  • Lamy Safari – Budget-friendly, and available in a TON of colors. Make sure to buy a converter!
  • Twsbi Eco – These are some of the smoothest writing fountain pens I’ve found! They’re probably more fragile than the others though, so take good care of it.
  • Kaweco Sport – These are pocket-sized fountain pens available in a variety of colors (and materials. I have the brass EF Kaweco Sport!)
  • Pilot Metropolitan: A classic! These have been around forever, and it’s a great option for those who are looking for a more stylish and sophisticated pen.
  • Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen: Affordable and has a smooth writing experience. It’s a great option for those who want to try a fountain pen without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Fountain Pens

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, fountain pens have several other advantages that make them a great choice for students:

Personalization: Fountain pens allow you to express your personality and style through your writing. You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles, and nib sizes to create a unique writing experience.

Long-lasting: Fountain pens are a great investment, as they can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Refillable: As mentioned, fountain pens are more eco-friendly and cost-effective if they’re refillable. This also means you don’t have to constantly buy new pens.

Cost-effective: The pen itself might cost a bit more–but since it lasts forever and is refillable, it should be a cost-effective investment!

Disadvantages of Fountain Pens

While fountain pens offer many benefits, they also come with some drawbacks that are worth considering before making a purchase.

One of the main disadvantages of fountain pens is the maintenance required to keep them in good condition.

  • Regular cleaning
  • Changing inks
  • etc

The ink cartridges (or bottled ink) also need to be replaced from time to time.

Messiness: Many people think fountain pens are messier than other pens, and I personally don’t think that’s true! All pens can smudge, smear, and leave ink stains everywhere!

Another disadvantage is the cost compared to other types of writing instruments. While there are budget-friendly options available, some high-end fountain pens can be quite expensive, making them a more expensive option in the long run.

Where to Find Budget-Friendly Fountain Pens (and Ink)

For those who are on a budget but still want to try out the benefits of fountain pens, there are many affordable options available both online and in local stores. Online retailers such as Amazon and Goulet Pens offer a wide selection of budget-friendly fountain pens and ink. Local office supply stores and arts and crafts stores may also carry fountain pens at more accessible prices.

When choosing a fountain pen, it’s also important to choose the right type of ink. Some fountain pens use cartridges, while others use bottled ink. Cartridges tend to be more convenient and less messy, but bottled ink offers a wider range of color options.

School Pen F.A.Q.s

Are Fountain Pens Good for Everyday Use?

Absolutely! Fountain pens are great for everyday use, whether it’s for taking notes in class, writing in a journal, or completing homework assignments. Sure, there’s a little bit of cleaning and maintenance involved–but it’s truly a piece of cake and takes NO time. I use mine hourly I think.

Are Fountain Pens Good for Exams?

Yes! Fountain pens are a great choice for exams, as they can help reduce stress and improve focus. BUT–you should probably ask your teacher beforehand just to make sure that you can use a pen. (i.e. some exams might require pencils for whatever reason).

The smooth ink flow and improved handwriting will hopefully keep you calm and confident during the test-taking process. 😉

Can We Use Fountain Pens in School?

Yes, fountain pens can definitely be used in school. However, it’s important to check with your teacher or school’s guidelines, as some schools have restrictions on the type of writing instruments that can be used.